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Unfortunately, Super Math World premium memberships are no longer available, as the business has been dissolved. Thank you for your interest.

Super Math World is not just another math practice app. It is a fully immersive sandbox video game where your student can run free, picking up math toys and conquering a variety of integrated challenges. There are no worksheets or pop-ups, just pure maths all the way down.

Even more amazing is the ability of players to create or edit levels, including the core gameplay levels, which are shared with the community. We aim to do more than simply teach - We want students to feel a sense of ownership of mathematics. Take control of your math destiny, and explore a world of infinite possibilities!

Your subscription will unlock:

  • Full video game
  • New math content each month
  • Create, edit, and share levels
  • Explore community levels

Does your household income fall under the median household income in your state or country? Contact us -- you may qualify for a free subscription.